At HEA we know all too well that to truly appreciate music is to experience it on a visceral, intimate, emotional level. Many will spend a lifetime searching for music and technology that can elicit that singular feeling of falling in love with music for the first time–our goal at HEA is to offer speaker systems that recreate that sensation unequivocally.

By working closely with a veritable consortium of engineers, musicians, psychologists, neurologists, and music appreciators we've sought to pioneer a new, holistic approach to speaker design. Our extensive research is devoted in part to understanding the brain's complex processes in relation to music, and to further develop technologies capable of effectively delivering audio to those areas of the brain that respond emotionally to music. Since music itself plays such a powerful role in all of our lives–and is so often intrinsically linked to some of our most vivid memories–when it comes to the choice of a home audio system, it only makes sense to consider not only that system's accuracy of sound reproduction, but also its effect on the mind, the heart, and the soul. HEA has spent years working diligently to successfully deliver in all regards. We are very pleased with the results, and we know you will be too.

To learn more about HEA's unique approach to high-end audio design, request a free informational packet, or contact us directly.

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