Excerpts from Scott Wilkinson in Electronic Musician.

…Even more important, the LET’s superfast transient response and other design factors have been clinically demonstrated to affect the human limbic system (which regulates emotion) more than conventional speakers, resulting in a more deeply moving experience. In fact, the company’s ultimate goal is to approach the emotional impact of live performance, which has heretofore eluded virtually all electronic audio systems...

I have every confidence that we’ll be seeing – and hearing – much more from this innovative company in the future.


Excerpts from Barry Willis in Hi-Fi News.

I’ve just returned from a whirlwind visit to the midwestern city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, where in addition to encountering traffic jams induced by a collapsed bridge, I encountered a loudspeaker technology than encompasses a truly new approach to converting electronic signals into lifelike acoustic waveforms.

Oxford’s ‘LET’ (leading edge transducer) prototype demonstration was a revelation. That’s a word widely abused in audiophile circles, but not one I throw about lightly.

The LET undressed the recordings to an almost frightening degree, exposing how the mastering engineer had layered all the component parts onto a unified whole. There was a nakedness to the performance that made other audio sound murky by comparison.

Oxford claims a ‘fast woofer technology’ that does for the low frequencies what the LET does for the upper ones. He’s onto something huge – perhaps even the turning point of audio in the 21st century.

High Emotion has plans to make “scalable for all applications” forays into every corner of the audio realm. We’ll all be better off for it.


Excerpts from Ann Bauer in Rake Magazine.

In a story that began as a restaurant review. 

…the sound system in this place is incredible! It's called HighEmotion Audio.

All that black décor? It's really yards and yards of speakers: 120 mid-range, 120 tweeters, and 24 sub-woofers. This means the music has a rich, ribbony quality; it travels above and below the buzz of conversation. But it never, somehow, interferes with the frequency our voices occupy.

Give me the high emotion sound of 24 sub-woofers putting out music you can hear in your blood and your chest, along with easy, intimate conversation in a crowded room. Give me that any day.


Excerpts from Jonathan Valin in The Absolute Sound.

"However, there are occasions when a speaker throws a soundstage that is so wide, so deep, and so clearly and transparently layered in front-to-back and side-to-side perspective that the music itself benefits from the presentation – antiphonal effects, inner lines hidden by lesser loudspeakers, the size, power, textures, and individual contributions of an orchestra or a chamber ensemble are clarified. In my past experience, the Nearfield Pipedreams have reigned supreme in this regard."

Excerpts from Robert Harley in The Absolute Sound, January, 2003.

In describing our presentation room with PipeDreams Reference 18 systems at the 2002 Hi-Fi Show and AV Expo in Heathrow, UK.

"…clearly the best sound of the show – and by a wide margin.”